US Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (USBCCI) Unveils Dynamic New Board of Directors


Embarking on an exciting journey towards enhancing US-Bangladesh trade ties and propelling economic prosperity, the US Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (USBCCI) is thrilled to introduce its newly appointed Board of Directors. This strategic move signifies the chamber’s unwavering dedication to fortifying bilateral relations and fostering economic expansion.


Our fresh leadership team is poised to make waves, steering the chamber towards new heights. With a diverse array of experiences and insights, our directors are geared up to champion the USBCCI’s mission. Their collective expertise is set to deliver substantial benefits to our members and the broader business community.


Comprising accomplished businessmen and esteemed professionals across various sectors, the newly appointed Board of Directors weaves a tapestry of rich expertise and shares a compelling vision for the future of US-Bangladesh commerce. Reflecting the USBCCI’s commitment to diversity, innovation, and strategic growth in the dynamic global market, this board is primed to lead us into a promising future of flourishing partnerships and unparalleled success.


A New Era of Leadership

In a strategic shift towards an era of innovation and growth, the US Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (USBCCI) proudly unveil its ambitious plans under the guidance of the new Board of Directors. Brace yourself for an exciting journey as USBCCI focuses on expanding its services, elevating member value, and championing policies that bolster robust trade and investment links between the United States and Bangladesh, as well as among American Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in the US.

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At the forefronts of the Board’s agenda are initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable business practices, fostering entrepreneurship, and creating unparalleled networking opportunities for our esteemed members. This dynamic approach underscores USBCCI’s commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our vibrant business community.


President of USBCCI, Liton Ahmed, exclaims, “We stand at a pivotal moment in the history of US-Bangladesh trade relations, and I have full confidence that our new Board of Directors will propel USBCCI to unprecedented heights. Their collective experience, coupled with a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities in today’s business landscape, will prove invaluable to our members and the broader economic partnership between our two nations.” Get ready to witness USBCCI charting a course towards new horizons of success and prosperity!

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Profiles of the newly formed Board of Directors:

  1. Liton Ahmed, Founder & President, USBD Group LLC, President & CEO, serves as the President of the U.S. Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (USBCCI), where he significantly contributes to promoting bilateral trade between the US and Bangladesh. Leading USBD Digital Solutions, a premier web development and digital marketing agency.


  1. Bakht Rumman Birteez, Vice President, Brand Means Business, Chief Executive & Chief Patron, serves as a Vice President of USBCCI, is a distinguished tech entrepreneur and the CEO of, with significant ventures including With a strong background in FinTech and startups.


  1. Fakhrul Islam Delwar, Director, Fatima Grocery, Director, Fakhrul Islam Delwar is a distinguished social worker and entrepreneur, notably recognized as the founder and president of the Jamaica Bangladesh Friends Society in New York. Since 2000, his leadership has significantly unified the Bangladeshi diaspora in Queens.


  1. Sheikh Farhad, EcoGreen Text Inc, President & CEO, as a President of EcoGreenText LLC, Mr. Farhad, developed a geo-technical solution for environmental projects since 2012. EcoGreenText manufactures is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable products for a wide range of applications, including landscaping.


  1. Ahad Ali, Ahad & Co, Founder & CEO, Ahad Ali is a passionate CPA and a tax advisor for small businesses and the real estate industry. He has over 10 years of experience and is the CEO of Ahad&Co where he leads a team of 20 professionals. He’s very popular on social media where he gives out information to educate his viewers on the ever-changing.


  1. Ismail Ahmed, Director, iRecomm, CEO , Ismael Ahmed, with over 20 years in banking and CRE lending, has held key roles at Citi and HAB Bank. He’s now the CEO of iRecomm and Crefin, pioneering AI-driven CRE lending platforms. Committed to revolutionizing CRE financing and promoting transparency.


  1. Sami Kabir, Director, Guidance Residential LLC, Regional Manager, Sami Kabir is a seasoned Housing Mortgage Expert with over 20 years of experience in Islamic Finance. As Northeast Regional Manager at Guidance Residential, he lead his team to national success. His expertise extends to Islamic financial instruments and practical real estate investments.


  1. Shafi Chowdhury, Director, Law Office of Shafi Chowdhury, Attorney at Law, Shafi Chowdhury, Esq. is a distinguished lawyer with expertise in immigration, real estate, and civil litigation. A Pace University Law graduate, he’s recognized for his courtroom prowess in NY, NJ, and CT. Admitted to practice in several courts, including the.


  1. Mili A Bhuyan, Director, Taqwa Enterprise, Domino’s Pizza Franchisee – CEO, Mili Bhuyan is a dynamic entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the fast-food industry as a successful franchisee of a leading pizza brand. Beyond her venture in the culinary domain, she has been an investor and operator in commercial and residential real estate for 10 years.


  1. Mashud Rana Topan, Director, Sunman Global Express Corp, President & CEO, CEO of Sunman Global Express Corp, a leading money remittance company. Topan leads the company’s adherence to BSA/AML compliance and regulations. He manages investigations, customer due diligence, and regulatory filings.


  1. Khalilur Rahman, Director, Khalil Group of Industries Inc, President, Chef Khalilur Rahman, a distinguished restaurateur, is renowned for his mastery in culinary arts, leading multiple successful restaurants, with Khalil Biryani House standing out as the most celebrated. Since its inception in 2017.


  1. Rafiq Khan, Director, AVS Real Estate USA Inc., President, Rafiq Khan, with 25+ years in visual works and graphic design, leads as President of AVS Group USA Inc. and AVS Realty. Starting in the 1990s as an art director, he founded AVS in 2012 after roles in New York’s visual signage industry. Since 2019, he’s also excelled as an investor and agent in real estate,


  1. Badrodduja Sagar, Director, TAC Perfumes LLC, President, Mr. Sagar is a versatile entrepreneur with a portfolio of successful businesses under his belt. He is the driving force behind I Hope Design, a dynamic design and printing business that caters to a broad spectrum of creative needs. In addition to his achievements in the design industry, Sagar serves as the President of Tac Perfumes LLC.

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