Massage from The Founder

U.S. Bangladesh Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (USBCCI) it is my privilege to welcome you to our website. Our chamber established in this year 2018 since then worked in close collaboration to support the U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh and Bangladesh Embassy in USA to achieve mutually beneficial trading opportunities to businesspersons of both countries.

At USBCCI we firmly believe in the working together for mutual growth between USA and Bangladesh.  We firmly believe that “The Best of Bangladesh is Business”. USBCCI is a place where ideas are incubated regarding development of trade and business towards the ultimate goal of an economically prosperous Bangladesh.

USBCCI is the first point of contact for business in this country. It facilitates trade and commerce for both local and foreign entrepreneurs catering to their demands and requirements between the two countries and works closely with government, private sector in business and other non-profit organization and charitable institutions.

Our chamber has four types of membership, namely General Member, Corporate Member, Honorary Member, and Individual Member. Class and comprises of a Board of Directors of which the CEO,President, , Senior President and Vice President take the lead in the everyday running matter of the firm. The Executive Director is the executive head of the management and the senior most official of the secretariat.

USBCCI is a dynamic chamber having targeted members who are involved in international trade. The chamber is here to serve you and support your business between and with USA and Bangladesh respectively. The chamber’s mission is to facilitate an accelerated industrial based economy of Bangladesh as well promote balanced trade between the friendly countries of USA and Bangladesh. Through networking and inter-acting with each other, we can strive to reach our desired goals. Your support is essential to the success of the business communities of both nations and also the chamber itself. It serves as a model of non-profit organization.

We hope our website helps you to connect better to best information and better business opportunities as per needs and demand.

I am honored to serve this unique organization as its President & CEO.

I look forward to flourishing of trade, business and economic activities in Bangladesh and USA by working together with continued support from each other.



President & Founder
U.S. Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (USBCCI)