The US Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (USBCCI) successfully held the Real Estate Expo 2024 in New York, creating a significant impact in the real estate sector.

Inaugural Ceremony

The event began with a grand inaugural ceremony led by Sheikh Farhad, director of the organizing committee. The expo saw the participation of 50 exhibitors and over 1,000 attendees, highlighting its success.


The US Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (USBCCI) successfully hosted the Real Estate Expo 2024 in New York, showcasing a distinguished inauguration ceremony conducted by Sheikh Farhad. The event featured a strong contingent of 50 exhibitors and witnessed a turnout exceeding 1000 participants.

During the inaugural address, Md. Liton Ahmed, Founder and President of USBCCI, welcomed all attendees with warm regards. “On behalf of USBCCI and our esteemed sponsors, particularly Mortgage Depot’s Tim Bailey, I am delighted to have you join us for the Real Estate Expo 2024 at the New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott,” he stated, acknowledging the collective effort in making the event a triumph.

Ahmed expressed gratitude to the gathering, encompassing guests, exhibitors, and sponsors, appreciating their dedication towards successfully organizing the Expo. He emphasized the dual benefits the event holds – advancing business opportunities and spurring socio-economic growth.

Highlighting the Expo as a platform for connection and learning, Ahmed encouraged participants to engage fully, citing it as a new benchmark for innovation, collaboration, and attainment in the real estate industry.

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The ceremony was graced by prominent individuals such as Thomas J. Grech, President and CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Md. Mir Bashar, Chief Administrative Officer from the New York City Mayor’s Office, and Gemel Isidore Esq., Assistant Commissioner at the New York City Department of Buildings.


The event comprised educational panel discussions where industry experts provided insights on vital real estate topics. The future of Artificial Intelligence and its potential for small business growth took center stage during the first discussion, with expert panelists including Shahed Islam, CEO & Co-Founder of SJ Innovations LLC, Mohammad Zaman, a technology leader previously with AWS and Dell, among other distinguished speakers.

Further panel sessions moderated by Ismail Ahmed unravelled the commercial real estate landscape, discussing prevailing trends, opportunities, and existing challenges. Contributors, such as Sabbir Ahmed of Elite Synergy Realty and Shaheen Khan of Flushing Bank, imparted knowledge on elevating business practices and overcoming sectoral challenges.

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Islamic Financing for homebuyers was the focal topic of another session, featuring insights from Mufti A. Malek and Nasser Nahshal of Guidance Residential, LLC. This discussion aimed to enlighten potential home buyers on the specifics and advantages of Islamic financing methods.

Addressing market strategies for the current real estate climate, another panel moderated by Ahad Ali, CPA, dissected NRA commission changes alongside legal, tax, and insurance stratagems. Panelists including Kevin Brian Shakeel and Amina Rashad provided an in-depth analysis of the implications of these changes and their resolutions.

Tariq Beli led a vital panel for novices in homeownership, offering first-time home buyers a navigational compass. Experts like Zaheed Hussain of Keller Williams Landmark II and Mohammad Haque (Emran), a home inspector, imparted their wisdom for successfully entering the property market.

The final panel, moderated again by Ahad Ali, CPA, delved into the intricacies of making residential investments without conventional documentation, discussing alternative loans, with panelists Fahim Hussain of Cross-Country Mortgage and Victor Andrade.

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As the event drew to a close, Ahad Ali, CPA and director at USBCCI and other dignitaries gave closing statements, while Ismail Ahmed announced the inaugural honorees of the Top 100 Bangladeshi American Realtor Accreditation Program. Recognized for their impact on the real estate sector were Zaman Majumdar of Realty Prime, Mortoza K Siddiqui of York Holding Realty LLC, and Emran Bhuiyan of Exit Realty Premium.

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The closing ceremony was a time for encouragement and foresight, with Ismail Ahmed emphasizing the continuation of such impactful events for the enfoldment of the real estate profession. He invited everyone to look forward to the next historic event in 2025.

The event also benefited from the esteemed presence of USBCCI’s Director Milli Bhuiyan, Rafiq Khan, Badrudduja Sagar, representatives of the media, and influential community leaders, all of whom contributed to the event’s solemnity and importance.

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