USBCCI is proud to announce the launch of its new logo and a comprehensive rebranding initiative. This marks a significant milestone, reflecting the chamber’s evolving mission, growth, and unwavering commitment to excellence in fostering American Bangladeshi business relations. The redesign introduces a sleek, modern, and professional aesthetic, featuring a striking combination of red and dark blue, signaling the advent of a fresh, new era for the chamber and its members.
Crafted through extensive discussion and thoughtful consideration of USBCCI’s future trajectory, the new logo represents not just a visual transformation but also the chamber’s renewed dedication to promoting business growth, innovation, and collaboration amongst the American Bangladeshi business community.
A Bold Step Forward for USBCCI
This rebranding signifies more than a change of symbol; it’s a declaration of USBCCI’s forward-looking vision and its commitment to spearheading international commerce. “Our new identity mirrors the strategic vision of USBCCI and the expansive role we play in the American business ecosystem,” said Liton Ahmed, President of USBCCI. “It symbolizes our commitment to innovation and our pledge to support our members in an ever-evolving marketplace.”
The Rationale Behind Rebranding
The decision to rebrand stems from the recognition that USBCCI must continually evolve to meet the changing needs of the American business community and the Bangladeshi business community in the US. The new logo and brand identity are crafted to communicate the chamber’s role as a dynamic, inclusive, and influential advocate for businesses across both nations. “We are setting the stage for the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators,” added Ahad Ali, a Director of USBCCI.
Advancing Our Mission
The new brand identity underscores USBCCI’s commitment to not only support but also inspire its members towards achieving greater success. It reflects the organization’s strategic objectives to offer more valuable networks, cutting-edge insights, and impactful advocacy. The rebranding initiative is poised to enhance USBCCI’s visibility, attract a broader membership base, and fortify its influence in international business circles between the US and Bangladesh.
A Strong Message to the Business Community
The unveiling of USBCCI’s new logo sends a powerful message in the US and Bangladesh: that USBCCI is an organization with meaningful objectives, ready to lead and shape the future of commerce between the US and Bangladesh. “This is an exhilarating time for USBCCI and our members,” remarked Liton Ahmed. “Our new brand identity reinforces our commitment to excellence and our role as a catalyst for economic growth and innovation.”
The US Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (USBCCI) is a leading advocate for businesses, providing a platform for networking, advocacy, and resource-sharing to promote commerce and investment between the US and Bangladesh. With its new brand identity, USBCCI is poised to expand its influence and support its members in navigating the complexities of trade and investment here in the US and Bangladesh.

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